A brief outline about METEKS

METEKS Engineering Service and Trading Ltd., Co. was established as the first independent service organization in 1990.  We, as METEKS, have continually expanded and grown in scope and scale while remaining true to upholding principles of expertise in our field of operations. With our team of skilled technicians all possessing solid professional and academic backgrounds that have been enhanced through specialized technical training, we provide services in Turkey, Turkic Republics, Middle East and African Countries with particular focus on production, sales and service operations.

Our particular area of service specialization is that of imaging equipment systems employed in the fields of industry and security. Our main target is to ensure the easy assembly and safe installation of the systems with a view to maintaining optimal productivity and trouble-free operations through our working life and when necessary carry out the updating, renewal and transportation of the machines without incurring damage or excessive cost.

In addition to the provision of these services, METEKS also transfers its expertise into the field of software design. With respect to the X-Ray detectors, with the aid of the unique support we have developed, we are able to offer support to manufacturing firms so as to ensure the possibility of obtaining faster, more reliable and higher-quality images. At the same time, within our own framework of operations, through the offering of alternatives marketed under our own trade names that ensure more depth and precision and increasing the share it allocates to research and development, we have been able to conserve our position as the leading Turkish Company in the market.

From the moment we begin to work with customers, METEKS services perfectly encompass the choice of suitable staff and locations in accordance with existing conditions, the setting up of the required system in the chosen location, maintenance and updating of systems, their alteration or replacement and when needed their disassembly, their safe and reliable transformation and their assembly and post-assembly at all stages.

We are always by your side with our experience and professional team to ensure problem-free and lasting solutions relating to your imaging needs under the most competitive terms and offering the minimum costs feasible.

METEKS Engineering Services and Trading Ltd., Co.;

  •  The maintenance, repair and assembly of medical imaging equipment manufactured to the Highest Standards require expertise, training and experience. The foundation of METEKS was perceived as a top-quality response to this pressing need.
  • METEKS team, comprising of engineers and technicians from a wide range of specializations, benefits from the accumulation of more than 20 years experience in the field spanning the length and breadth of Turkey relating to the fields of the sales and service provision of medical and industrial radiographic imaging equipments.
  •  METEKS, with its specially trained team that has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of quality control systems with particular regard to CT (Whole Body Tomography Scanner), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) systems, DR (Digital Radiographic) systems, FFDM (Full Field Digital Mammography), Tomosynthesis, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)  and analytical/diagnostic equipments, is a company which puts at the heart of its mission the realization of  reliable and safe assembly of imaging equipment in a secure environment and the maintenance of care-free operations while ensuring the highest levels of productivity possible.
  •  As the first company in Turkey that has independently developed her own Digital X-Ray (DR) Systems, is acting as a manufacturer, purchaser and storage agent for spare parts of Whole-Body Tomography (CT) scanners and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems of the innovative brands of the world, we at METEKS render a service to all individuals and companies in the field.



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Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin

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