OpenMark Series 

MRI System




Open Mark IV MRI System; is the only product, meeting your expectations via affordable investment and operating costs with its great performance on the efficiency-finance curve in the commercial market.

We take great pride in establishing ourselves as a market leader within this geography.

New Permanent Magnets and High Strength Gradients deliver high performance and reliability at an affordable cost of operation.

Patients diagnosed with claustrophobia can have their MRI examination done without having any problems in our RF Rooms (RF Cages) which provide patient comfort with the highest.

We can also share the details with you if  you are interested in our “Self-Contained Mobile MRI System” solutions.





Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin
Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin

  Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin   For your Privacy and Safety     You can find the specification of our leaded medical privacy glass below; ..