SuperMark 1.5 T  


ANKE, with her more than 20 years of experience in the market, have added this 

prominent SuperMark 1.5T MRI to the product range 



♦ SuperMark 1.5T MRI system is able to

♦ Spacious  Human Care Magnet design with Wide Openness 

♦ Super Conductive “Zero Boil off” magnet structure (*)

♦ New Generation, expandable, multi-Channel Spectrometer

♦ Powerful and Stable Gradient and RF Units

♦ High Resolution Images

♦ Low Power Consumption

♦ Minimum Site requirement

You can reach to    here which is the main share holder and technologic partner of the brand.


* Zero Boil of Rate is depending on clean and continuous power, properly running and maintained cooling Hardware and timely replacement of consumables.


* Equipment specifications subject to change without notice. All changes confirm the rules of Medical Equipment Administration. All rights are reserved.

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Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin
Leaded Medical Safety SmartWin

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