Why a Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI System?

♦ Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems feature Low-Noise, Low Operation cost and High Cost-Effectiveness

♦ Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems meet 98 % of the clinical requirements

♦ At present, the most commonly used scan techniques are realized in both High-Field and Low-Field systems. Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems produce high quality and low cost images

♦ Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems are designed to fitall diagnostic and clinical needs of the hospitals today

♦ In accordance with the personnel condition, financial affordability and economic analysis of most hospitals, Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems of good performances, proper functions, low-cost and ease of use are most needed

♦ Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems meet all the clinical diagnostic needs. System is comfortable for patients, convenient for using monitoring equipment and interventional operation

♦ Permanent Magnet Open Type MRI systems are the best choice for the Patients diagnosed with claustrophobia… They can have their MRI examination done without having any problems in our scan rooms (RF Cages) which provide patient comfort with the highest

♦ Special Use in Cancer Interventional Surgery and Biopsies

Cancer Clinics and Women’s Medical Practices may use our systemnot only as a diagnostic toolbut to track disease during treatments

♦ MRI guided biopsies and interventional cancer treatments are possible.

In addition to all these mentioned above, the followings are still significant due to instability of our geography;

♦ No constant supplies (such as Liquid Helium, power etc.) to run or remain in service needed for OpenMark series MRI Systems

♦ 24-hour power supply is not necessary for OpenMark Series MRI systems; Power consumption is about 15 kW for a system when it is on

♦ OpenMark MRI Systems do not require high costs, long time and expertise man power to run again after the instability is over; the systems can be powered upthe same as it ever wasafter several months

♦ It is possible to manage easily “Self-Contained Mobile MRI System” solutions…

♦ All our systems have been running with insufficient infrastructure in unstable geopolitical regions for several years have had “high running rates”…

♦ Please ask for the patient images… We assure you that all the patient images we use are taken from our running sites; they are neither demo images nor the ones taken from a cadaver.




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