Zenith - C11

Dual Syringe
CT Contrast Media Injector




♦ Zenith Dual Syringes CT Injector provides saline flush capability to your CT. Saline flush not only can control the contrast agent reach the right part punctually, but also may reduce the picture interferential shadows during the breast scan. And the press make contrast agent denser, then you can obtain stronger signal.

♦ Large color touch-screen makes operate more intuitionists and makes injection plans and controlling process easy.

♦ Clear and intelligible operate screen.

♦ Flexible injection design can help you realizing the simplest 1 phase single syringe injection, or finishing the complicated 6 phases dual syringe injection. All are in your control.

♦ The elaborate assistant tray on which operator can place the fluid bottles or other things, and put the connector tubing or the scalp vein set in the special place.


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